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This month's spotlight shines on: The Opportunity Project: a micro-documentary series



Here at the Institute for Innovative Transition, we believe it is important to increase positive images of people with disabilities in the media. At times, disability is presented as a deficit, as something to struggle against. We believe that disability can be seen as an asset if given the chance to be framed positively. As such, we are creating a series of micro-documentaries: 7-8 minute short films centered around one young person with an intellectual and developmental disability building a positive, self-determined, satisfying adult life.

A central goal of our film project is to promote a sense of possibility, open doors, and precedent about people with disabilities as they transition into adulthood. We want to avoid distinction between people with disabilities and people without, and instead focus on emphasizing common denominators. To that end, the content of these films was shaped and led by people with disabilities. Each film features the “star” and people of their choosing telling their story in a conversational, everyday way. With these films, we hope to establish precedent for others and offer a sense of possibility to the community.

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Many thanks to the B. Thomas Golisano Foundationfor making this micro-documentary series possible!

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