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Pace University – OASIS

College or University Name: Pace University Type of Postsecondary Institution: - 4 year college or university
Program Name: OASIS College Support Program Address: 163 William Street, 10th Floor New York, NY 10038 Contact Person: Dr. Janet D. Mulvey, Program Director, 212-346-1892 or Julie Saccoccio, Program Adminsitrator 212-346-1088 Contact Phone: 212-346-1088 Contact Email: jmulvey@pace.edu or jsaccoccio@pace.edu Website: www.pace.edu Description:

The OASIS Program at Pace University is designed to enable and empower academically capable young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other learning challenges to succeed in college. Students enroll in a degree program, reside in the dorms and attend undergraduate classes. 

This initiative serves students who: - Have graduated or exited from high school
Residential options for students with intellectual disabilities: - Are available The top priority of this initiative is: - College course access
Students spend: 100% of time in group instruction only with other students with intellectual disabilities Students have access to the following types of courses: - Typical college courses for credit
- Community-based instruction
Entrance criteria for this initiative are: - High school diploma (state approved), high school transcript or equivalent
- Be able to safely navigate the campus independently
- Have basic safety skills in an unsupervised setting
- Be willing to abide by all the rules and policies set forth by the institution
- Meet immunization requirements for university
- Have academic skills to meet University requirements
Cost of the program: $6,000 per semester Are you using Medicaid funds of any kind to fund individuals in this program? No