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Pace University-Pleasantville Lab School

College or University Name: Pace University - Pleasantville Lab School Type of Postsecondary Institution: - Community college
- 4 year college or university
- Career school, technical school, or vocational/trade school
Program Name: Pleasantville Lab School School District/Agency Partner: Pleasantville Union Free School District Address: 60 Romer Avenue, Pleasantville, NY 10570 Contact Person: Mike Voron Contact Phone: 914-773-3933 Contact Email: voronm@pville.k12.ny.us Website: www.pleasantvilleschools.com Description:

The Pleasantville Laboratory School at Pace University is designed for students 18-21 years with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. The program is run by the Pleasantville School District but operates on the Pace University campus, thus affording social, educational and vocational opportunities with same-aged peers. Students participate in work readiness and community habilitation classes, campus and community-based internships; use all University facilities including the library, student center and athletic center; and audit one class per semester.

This initiative serves students who: - Have graduated or exited from high school
- Are still enrolled in high school
Residential options for students with intellectual disabilities: - Are not available The top priority of this initiative is: - College course access
- Independent living
- Self-determination
- Employment
- Life skills instruction
- Social skills
- Other
Students spend: 25-49% of time in group instruction only with other students with intellectual disabilities Students have access to the following types of courses: - Typical college courses for credit
- Typical college courses for audit
- Typical continuing education courses
- Courses specifically designed for students with intellectual disabilities
- Individual instruction or tutoring
- Life skills
- Social skills training
- Community-based instruction
- Independent living instruction
Entrance criteria for this initiative are: - Student must be 18-21 years old
- High school diploma (state approved), high school transcript or equivalent
- Other diploma ("special education", "certificate of attendance")
- Falls within a specific IQ range
- Specific disability label or type
- Be able to safely navigate the campus independently
- Have basic safety skills in an unsupervised setting
- Have practical reading and writing skills
- Must meet eligibility guidelines for state agencies (ie VR, Adult DD Services, etc)
- Student must be his/her own guardian
- Be willing to abide by all the rules and policies set forth by the institution
- Meet immunization requirements for university
- No documented behavioral issues/challenges
Cost of the program: IDEA Funded via local school district Are you using Medicaid funds of any kind to fund individuals in this program? No