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Explore below to find out more about transition topics such as: college options, foster care, person-centered planning, and transition basics. [All films and webinars are captioned.]



Find out about college options for students with intellectual disabilities (ID) by watching our micro-documentaries on our YouTube channel, or just click below on the films.


The Opportunity Project – Robert Lonie

Click here to hear Robert Lonie, Keuka College alumni, and his allies, tell his story of being a college student and living on campus.
The Opportunity Project – Cori Piels

Click here to hear Cori Piels, Monroe Community College alumna tell her story about being a college student.





‘Youth With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Transitioning Out of the Foster Care System’ with Debbi Napolitano, Ph.D.



Screen shot for Rethinking College

The Difference Between High School and College: An interactive e-learning module for students with disabilities planning for college. Students will learn about the differences between high school and college when seeking academic accommodations on campus. Essential skills needed to be a successful self-advocate are highlighted.

This module is the result of a collaborative partnership with Monroe 2 – Orleans BOCES, The Center for Teaching and Excellence at the University of Rochester and The Institute for Innovative Transition.

Click here to open the module.

NOTE: For closed captioning, click the CC icon found on each slide to turn closed captioning on and/or off.



This webinar provides an overview and history of inclusive higher education in the U.S. and what is currently available to students with intellectual disabilities in New York and beyond. It also highlights the work of Think College at the University of Massachusetts-Boston.

Rethinking College: Inclusive Higher Education is a webinar presented by Martha Mock, Ph.D.  Mock was invited as a guest presenter to the Faculty Perspectives Series here at the University of Rochester.



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Click here for Person Centered Planning by Carol Blessing . This webinar was created by Carol Blessing for  In The Driver’s Seat



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Learn more about the transition process, what the law says, and where to find resources. [Script included in notes on Power Point.]

Webinar Transition 101 Part I

Webinar Transition 101 Part II


EnvisionIT in New York State

Click here for an accessible PDF version of the PowerPoint used during the EnvisionIT in New York State Webinar.

To access to accessible PDF versions of the pre-webinar materials featured and referenced during the EnvisionIT in New York State, please click the following links below:

Handout #1: Effects of 21st Century

Handout #2: EnvisionIT Stratified Site Map and Objectives

Handout #3: EIT Fact Sheet

Handout #4; Schoology Teacher Guide

Handout #5: Guide to Using Schoology